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The Tuscany Group is a management and investment firm specializing in early stage ventures.  Most importantly, we act as venture catalysts.  We bring expertise, experience and capital to early stage businesses which have untapped or unachieved upside potential. We then focus our resources to generate a quantum lift in profitability and long term value. 

Our current ventures span a broad range of technology and traditional markets, from software applications to leading-edge lighting technologies to wine aficionados.  The common thread is our interest and enjoyment of the arenas we enter and develop.
Latest News ...

Why buy a new computer when you can give your computer a Fresh start?  Solve your computer woes quickly and for less.  Wipe and Restore Computer Repair is the latest in computer technology with services that make life with your PC productive and hassle free.

With tax assessments completed, and tax bills showing up soon, activity at our property tax venture -  LowerYourPropertyTaxNow - has picked up steam.  Take a look to find out how easy the process can be to "beat the tax man" and save thousands of dollars.

Our wine aficionado site, 100BestWines recently received the prestigious "SLM Winery Award" as one of the premier web-based wine review sites.